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Our system consists of a special whitening gel used in conjunction with custom-made mouth trays.
Impressions of the teeth are taken to ensure that the bespoke tray fits the patient exactly and that the
procedure is safe and effective. The gel, which is only available from dentists, is used for a couple of hours
a day or overnight, depending on the concentration.

The gel is very effective at whitening even the darkest of teeth (infact the darker the teeth, the better the result).

After many years, our dental surgeons have found that this whitening treatment provides more effective and longer lasting whitening that any of the one hour systems trialed in the surgery. The whitening results can be guaranteed.

Office ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Your teeth can be lightened immediately using this technique which is conducted in the practice. Watch ZOOM! presentation...

Our Office 1-hour power whitening can whiten teeth by up to several shades, brightening your teeth dramatically to its natural shade. Your lips and gums are covered and a gel is applied to your teeth. A special light is positioned over your teeth to activate the gel, which gently penetrates your teeth, breaking up stains and discolouration. Whiter, brighter teeth in less than an hour!

Home Whitening
A custom made mouth tray is created. A whitening gel is placed in the tray which you then wear whist asleep or for short periods during the day. Results are normally seen over 2 weeks.

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